Mining bull­dozer cartoon. Trucks for kids. Educa­tional video for chil­dren

Hi, friends! Today we are working in a quarry. And to accomplish all of our tasks, we need a mining bulldozer.

Let’s assemble the mining bulldozer and learn what parts make it up.

Let's start with the foundation of our career bulldozer. On each side we fasten the tracks. They will be needed to move over uneven surfaces of the career ... Done! Next, we’re setting the dashboard with a steering wheel and the driver's seat for the bulldozer. And all of this we’re placing into the cab. So, the cab for a driver of the mining bulldozer is ready! And now it's time to install the engine. And then the hood, which protects the engine and other elements of the engine compartment of our mining bulldozer from the negative impact of the external factors.

Hello, kids! Here is another episode of our Fire Brigade Monster Truck Cartoon Videos for kids with Bambo-Jambo!