Kid's 3D Construc­tion Cartoon : Build a Road roller I Learn­ing Construc­tion Vehicles for Kids

Learning is becoming more interesting and less boring. Educational videos for kids are very important for studying nowadays. There are a lot of YouTube educational cartoons for kids of different age – even for babies – and on different topics. One may watch these videos for free. Short cartoons capture the kids` attention for several minutes and provide them with lots of information about the world they live in.

This Educational Video is about…

…a funny character Bambo-Jambo and a Road roller. After watching this video the children will know how to assemble and use such a vehicle. With the help of the simple language, children can familiarize themselves with different parts of the 3D Road roller and its assembly. In addition, several functions of the Road roller are depicted. Kids will have no doubt that a Road roller is an extremely important vehicle at the construction site. Little boys and girls will surely know the purpose of a Road roller.

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