Fire Brigade | Fire Tanker Construc­tion Game | Educa­tional Videos for Chil­dren

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Now let's start with the most important compartment in our fire tanker, which is fire extinguishing equipment. Firstly, let's fix an equipment control unit. Then let's fix a big rare compartment for holding tools there. Now it's time for taillights, let's fix them to make driving a fire tanker safe. What next? The most crucial part in our Fire tanker is a storage reservoir for fluid extinguishing agents (water and foam compound, which are required to get air-filled foam ). This storage reservoir is called tanker. By the tanker we will place a foam line: hoses, which are attached to a tank valve. I think it's right time to attach wheels. Rear wheels of a Fire tanker are doubled: two wheels on one side and two on the other side... And next go front wheels - one ... and two... The last detail is left - it's a gas tank. This is a container for storage gasoline. Fire tankers have two gas tanks.