Tow Truck helps Monster Trucks | Trucks for kids | Monster Trucks Cartoon| Kids Videos | EPIS­ODE 15

Hello, friends! Greet new Monster Trucks Adventures! Our friends have troubles and need to call a Tow Truck. What have happend? Watch this episode and find out more!

Our Monster trucks were on their way to Super Mega Race when they stumble upon the road under repair, and have to use Sally’s GPS Navigation to go round it. Everything was OK, until TJ has got a flat tire. Due to their friend Monster Tow Truck our Monster trucks reached the nearby town. Hooray! Animated trucks for kids will bring you and your children lots of fun! In our car cartoons you can also meet monster fire truck, police cars and an Evil Monster Truck! We are sure that you, kids, will like this new Monster Truck Adventures.

Hope you enjoy our Monster Truck Cartoons for kids