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Hello to everyone who has just joined us. We are at the monster-trucks races and we are here to find out Who will win the big race today?!

Incredible! Shark has overturned! It drops out of this race!

But today Shark will take part in an important race. We need to repair our monster-truck.

A Wheel ... Now the door ... It is time to return a bumper to it’s rightful place ... And now we have to paint and tune our monster-truck. The design should resemble a real shark ... Color: blue ... Place a fin on the roof of our monster-truck - so it starts to look like a shark. Now let's add the label "shark jaws" - so our monster-truck will look even more intimidating. Cool!

Hooray! Our Shark monster truck is ready for a new race.

Hello, kids! Here is another episode of our Fire Brigade Monster Truck Cartoon Videos for kids with Bambo-Jambo!