Police Monster Truck Race | 3D Video for Kids | Educa­tional Video for Chil­dren

Hello, friends! Check out - we got a new episode of our Monster Truck Cartoon Videos for kids with Bambo-Jambo!

Here is one more episode of Cartoon about Monster Truck Construction and preparing them for the races. Don't you know what Monster Truck is? It is a huge vehicle, which is called "monster" because of its really large wheels. Last time we built Monster Trucks for a Fire Brigade, but in this educating video for kids Bambo-Jambo and you are going to deal with Police Trucks again! What will happen if we will put these huge wheels on the Police Truck? You will get an awesome Police Monster Truck for a Police Department which can ride anywhere with these wheels! Moreover, today you are going to take part in Monster Truck Races between two Police Monster Trucks which we already built together with Bambo-Jambo in a previous episode!

Hello, kids! Here is another episode of our Fire Brigade Monster Truck Cartoon Videos for kids with Bambo-Jambo!